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How come this shit just goes on and on?

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Helder TomarIt is really frightening that during the run of “The Etymology of Bird” there has been so much violence as there has been in Rhode Island’s urban centers, not to mention the verdict in the Sean Bell trial. Just this last week another young Black man was laid to rest in Pawtucket. Thanks to the Projo for their coverage:

It set off a cycle of violence that threatens to sweep up teenagers in Pawtucket and Central Falls.

So, as hundreds of Tomar’s friends and family members gathered at his funeral yesterday, lay preacher Marco De Barros used the occasion to call for an end to the bloodshed.

“Death is part of life, but it’s supposed to be natural, not by violence, not by strife,” said De Barros, a 1996 graduate of Shea High School, where Tomar had been a student.

“My question, young people, is ‘What now? What are you going to do with this experience? I believe we are at a crossroads. We have a choice to make.”

“If we keep living this way –– an eye for an eye –– all of us will be blind,” De Barros told the crowd that packed the funeral home.


NAJEE ALI: An Open letter to BET Founder Bob Johnson

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 Robert Johnson

Dear Bob,  the comments you in made in attacking Sen. Obama this past Sunday at a South Carolina church before your introduction of Sen. Hillary Clinton demonstrates that it doesn’t matter how much money you have it can’t buy class or, dignity. Bob, while you were shucking, grinning and jiving in front of the Clintons, are you that stupid that you didn’t care that you came across as a bootlicking Uncle Tom? Your attack on Sen. Obama continues to prove how ruthless you continue to be. In your own words which I will now quote you by, “As an African American, I am frankly insulted the Obama campaign would imply that we are so stupid that we would think Hillary and Bill Clinton, who have been deeply and emotionally involved in black issues — when Barack Obama was doing something in the neighborhood; I won’t say what he was doing, but he said it in his book — when they have been involved,” Johnson said. We all know that Sen. Obama wrote about his teenage drug use — marijuana, and alcohol in his memoir “Dreams from My Father.” That’s old news. Bob, for you to attack Sen. Obama’s character shows what a coon you really are. Bob, you are the founder of BET which is the laughing stock of African Americans who care about positives images. Yes, you are successful as a capitalist but a failure in having any morals and helping to support your own race. The fact that Sen. Clinton or anyone would want or accept your endorsement is appalling and for me calls their basic character, let alone judgment, into question. Over the last 25 years you and BET have done more to propagate some of the most harmful, destructive, and degradation of African Americans in the history of popular culture. The booty shaking videos, misogony, gangsterism, violence, alcohol and drug use you allowed to air on BET on your way to becoming a billionaire was all done for the love of money. And now YOU want to take cheap shots at Sen.Obama?. I am constantly amazed at how you are allowed to speak and move in decent society. But, I guess in your case, money triumphs morals. After seeing you put on your best Stephen Fetchit routine this Sunday in front of Sen. Clinton as she sat back and enjoyed campaigning with you, I’m understanding a lot better why the country is calling for Sen. Obama and change!


Daisy Davis-Quick

Christopher Johson aka Tranzit Thawt on Famecast

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Everybody cast your vote!

What About The Move?

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Tay Zonday

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What do this American Studies grad student from the Midwest and legendary actor/singer Paul Robeson have in common? An incredibly deep voice. This video walks the thin line between satire and exploitation.

Great stuff happening at the Carriage House

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The folks at In House Freestyle brought Talaam Acey this past week. If you missed him, you can check some of the footage from his piece “Slave Trade.”

Roy Haynes, Jazz master

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Roy Haynes
In this article by Ben Ratliff published in the New York Times during March of last year, Roy Haynes talks about the influence his Latin contemporaries had on his playing. Fascinating exchanges:

“We were always playing opposite Machito in Birdland in those years,” he said. “And I always did like the sound of timbales, the approach. Sometimes when I’d play my solos, I’d approach the traps with that same effect, like when I hit rim shots.” (A rim shot means hitting the head and the rim of the drum at the same time.) “Older gentlemen like Chick Webb and Papa Jo, they did rim shots too. But doing it with no snares on, with that tom-tom sort of Afro-Cuban feeling, I always liked that.”