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Lee Wilson

Posted in Artists, Events, Neon Soul Cabaret on December 14, 2007 by blackrep

Lee Wilson
Lee Wilson will be joining the Neon Soul Collective at the Neon Soul Cabaret this Saturday night. In today’s paper Lee has some great things to say about the industry and his approach to live music. Thanks to the Projo for such great coverage:

“Most of the songs [on the radio] aren’t worth listening to. You listen to the music, and if people actually took the time and listened to the lyrics, they’d say ‘Oh my God; why do I like this song?’ ’Cause some of them are so silly.”

I write songs to inspire me, to motivate me,” Wilson says. “And I think people can listen to that and appreciate that. People can listen and it won’t make them dumber.”

He’s not above the occasional dance floor banger such as “Get Into It,” which he refers to as “an industry standard” to get his foot in the door, but says “I don’t think you take the same thing away from [my music].”


Three for the weekend: Saxophones

Posted in Neon Soul Cabaret on October 26, 2007 by blackrep

There is no other lead instrument that has the power to be as emotive as the saxophone. Whether baritone, tenor, alto or soprano, the saxophone has the expressive sound of the human voice; and like the human voice it can carry joy, pain and sometimes fury. Start your weekend off with a couple Black Rep favorites, all of which prominently feature the sax, then join us on Saturday night (10/27 at 10:30PM) for the Neon Soul Cabaret. We’ll be featuring sax-player Paul Lowe Jr. on lead.

Manu Dibango – Soul Makossa

Pharaoh Sanders – Equinox

Dave Murray feat Pharoah Sanders – Gwotet (Yoruba Soul Mix)